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Business Shared Services
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You are the expert in core business, we help you with the rest.

From GBS Strategy to Execution
From SLAs measurement to Great Customer Experience
End to END support in managing BPO partnership
Leadership and Innovation Trainings and implementation
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Outsourcing Doctor, we take care of the rest

Do you know that

many Business Shared Service Centers:

Have green SLAs and unhappy clients with a great number of escalations?

Have no clear strategy for the future development which leads to stagnation and losing retain organization focus?

Have great challenges in managing BPO partnership, which leads to frustration and huge inefficiencies on both sides?

Invest in expensive technologies, still being underutilized in basic areas?

The aim of Outsourcing Doctor is

To help organizations build and operate Business Shared Service Organization as a strategic partner to retained business which creates value added instead of being just a cost center.


Make GBS strategy development and execution effective incl. managing BPO partnership


Improve your customer satisfaction instead of managing SLAs


Transform Business Shared Service from cost center to strategic value added creator


Understand innovation strategies, implementation and execution

How we do it?

We believe in the 80/20 rule.

We like simplicity. Our goal is to help our clients as quickly as possible with the high level of quality. To achieve that we focus on simple and understandable solutions.

This means we are using simple and workable models, which do not require significant change management processes in your organization.

We believe that our support covers 80% of day to day challenges in Business Shared Services.

By extensive experience in managing Business Shared Service Centers in various industries we implement various models. Doing this we help you to achieve your strategic and operational goals in your organization.

Why Outsourcing Doctor?


Global GBS Experience

4 continents
30 countries
9 industries


Harvard Business School (Disruptive Strategies), ACCA F&A Qualifications

BPO Manager of The Year 2015

Central and Eastern Europe

BPO Strategic Global Experience

5 years

Setting up and Managing Business Shared Service Organizations

2 Centers directly
5 as support

Leadership Experience on Senior Positions

29 000 hours
White Papers
How to Manage Customer Experience in SSC/BPO? ®

• Current situation: SSC sized 100FTEs is operating 2 years in Poland. Processes: PTP, OTC, RTR, servicing Europe in 13 languages. Standardization processes has been accomplished on SSC side. SSC has well documented processes, lean project is...

For Community
Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

In September 2017 Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner at Outsourcing Doctor had a pleasure to run a discussion panel about Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models in the light of Industry 4.0. We discussed the following topics with experts in their fields: 1....

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