In September 2017 Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner at Outsourcing Doctor had a pleasure to run a discussion panel about Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models in the light of Industry 4.0.
We discussed the following topics with experts in their fields:
1. Professional usage of drones in utilities, manufacturing and construction and ability to extract professional data out of them,
2. Block chain technology not only in fin tech but also in global supply chain,
3. Cooperation between organizations in bringing innovation into day to day business
4. Where are people in Technology 4.0 revolution
– government and corporate cooperation, new skills, automation and robotics
Everything in Bulgaria during a great event organized in a beautiful place in #Plovdiv by Economedia. We love such discussions about future shaping our now.

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On 18 October 2017 Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner at Outsourcing Doctor had a pleasure to discuss the current and future challenges of outsourcing business on BSS Tour organized by Pro Progressio in Poznań.

During the panels, we discussed the development of outscoring centers’ strategy, impact of salaries, automation, robotics on outsourcing business, development of global competence centers and finally operational side of the business.
Krzysztof actively participated a panel discussion about salaries, robotic process automations and centralized functions. It was an excellent discussion among professionals.

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On 17 November 2017 Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner at Outsourcing Doctor delivered a speech about innovation.
He spoke about how to:
1. Identify opportunities for innovation,
2. How to develop disruptive business models,
3. How to implement innovation in organizations.

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On 25 January Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner at Outsourcing Doctor moderated a panel discussion about risks and chances in Business Process Outsourcing in 2018.
The valuable conference took place at BBS Services Forum in Gdynia and was organized by @ProProgressio
Krzysztof Herdzik, Managing Partner in You Can Busziness moderated the summary panel: risks and chances in Business Shared Service industry for 2018.

Major conclusions:

1. It is expected to continue the high growth of BSS industry in Poland (between 15% to 20% comparing to last year) spread between major cities as well as 3rd tire cities.
2. It is expected to continue the growth of new investments as well as significant growth of existing BSS business in Poland focusing on complex processes incl. R&D.
3. Talent pool recruitment, leadership and development will continue to be the major aspect in 2018.
4. EU legal environment will impact the industry significantly on top (RODO – personal data management, delegation of employees). It requires significant attention from the business in 2018.
5. Local environment will continue to evolve to suit even better the industry needs, especially to support innovation.
6. It is expected to continue the growth of share of foreigners in the industry to support the growth. It requires significant support in terms of procedures from the Polish Government.

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